For your visitors: A must have at every medical or business event to find out more information about the company, services, research results and much more.


The revolutionised E-Poster

A must on each medical or corporate event to inform your visitor about your company and services. The best – they can decide by themselves, in what they are interested in.

SIMUL E-Posters system is an interactive display poster based on large screen and a tablet, designed for all users within medical or corporate event. Our system enables a variety of possibilities for the user and revolutionizes completely the whole concept of the posters presentation.

Features at a glance
  • Central view of all posters searchable over a touch tablet stand
  • Web based poster submission upload system
  • Delegates can send poster via mail, messages to the authors and vote for their selected posters
  • Delegates can send message to the authors
  • Delegates can vote for their selected posters
  • Web based online mode to present the posters on the website
  • Exhibition mode runs as automatic screen saver
  • Listen to the authors sound review while viewing the poster
  • Automatic download the poster via QR code

Your benefits of using E-Poster

Makes the life of your poster presenters easier.
And the experience of your attendees better.

Compatible with any screen, computer or device,
offering unparalleled flexibility for the on-site setup.

No effort or stress for your meeting management staff.
And a joy for the association.

No extra cost compared to the printed posters,
thanks to the built-in financial options.

Takes your poster program to a whole new level,
with advanced interaction and statistics.

Preserves the results and findings of your Congress,
turning it into a point of reference.


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Flanaganstr 4 
D - 14195 Berlin Germany